Thursday, January 5, 2017

TV & Lesbian Erasure

... I'm gay
Are the only words we hear girls and women say on TV when they come out to family and friends. But why do we never hear lesbian? Why is the word lesbian non existent in TV shows trying to represent LGBTQA+ people? Unless the show is directed towards LGBTQA+ you'll hear lesbian in those instances but on "regular" shows such as Pretty Little Liars or Supergirl why is the norm gay? There's a difference for a reason isn't there? Men are gay and women are lesbians. But then does that mentality in it self just encourage men and women to be separate beings? Words are constantly changing and growing with the times. That now its more common for women who are lesbians to call themselves gay instead of saying lesbian. Maybe because gay is shorter which is why they prefer to say that but why never say it just once? Is there something wrong with that word? Is gay the only word they'll allow in prime time television? Or is it just our culture now? But it's something to keep a a lookout for. Whenever there's a girl questioning her sxuality or coming out see wether she says gay or lesbian. There's nothing wrong with saying gay in replacment of lesbian but why not just say it? Something interesting to keep a look out for. 

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