Sunday, January 1, 2017

I am the Feminist who is Out to Ruin Your Life

Depictions of Feminists through the Lens of Youtube Comments
We all know youtube comments are disgusting when it comes to any type of video referencing feminists or talking about any social problems (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia). my inspiration for this post is a gross youtuber Leafyishere. I wish he wasn't here but I guess thats life. I found out about his videos through my 16 year old cousin. She found his channel through her cousins and sadly finds him funny. So I watched one of his videos and he's gross and disgusting. His views on feminism are fucked up, and the way he talks about the youtubers he reacts to is beyond grotesque. I can't even finish any of his videos because they're all bullshit. The way he talks about feminism is through the basic antifeminists eyes which you can find in the youtube comments of his videos. Men who believe feminists are out to destroy men just dont know what feminism is. Intersectional feminism is the only feminism. We advocate for everyones rights regardless of who they are. Feminists still have to fight for women rights because it's still a problem. BUT it's not just for women, feminism is for everyone. I'm sick of seeing these people "destroying feminists and feminism" when all they do is reiterate the same points that everyone uses. Antifeminists are unoriginal cretins. All their argument dont make any sense and all they do is use one thing over and over again to justify their views that make no sense.

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